Quy Nhon Discovery

Thuan Ninh Lake is located in M6 village, about 12 km from the center of Binh Tan commune, Tay Son district, Binh Dinh province. It is a large valley that has been blocked and stored water into an irrigation reservoir since 1993. With a design of 35.36 million m3, Thuan Ninh lake ensures water supply […]

With a height of 69 meters, the statue of Buddha at Ong Nui Pagoda is currently considered the tallest Buddha statue in Southeast Asia.

When visiting the fishing village of Nhơn Lý, you’ll experience the pristine beauty and along with it, the azure hues painted on the walls, evoking the essence of the sea, resembling a fairy tale come to life.

Renowned as the “Jeju of Vietnam”, Eo Gio boasts vast seascape, crashing waves, mesmerizing blue skies, and undulating ranges of rocks, forming a wind-catching inlet that is both poetic and majestic.

Kỳ Co is a unique island nestled against the vast sea, backed by majestic mountains, with the deep blue sea shimmering like jade.

Hòn Khô Quy Nhơn is an untouched island with a refreshing, free, and vibrant beauty.

The Twin Towers is one of the remaining eight Cham towers in present-day Binh Dinh province, one of the architectural and cultural relics of the Cham people with distinctive religious colors.

Binh Dinh General Museum is located in Quy Nhon City Center, at 26 Nguyen Hue. This place displays more than 1,000 documents and artifacts, giving visitors a general and specific view of the country and people of Binh Dinh through historical periods.